Instagram, I Love You

I am a HUGE Instagram user. I mean, I adore that app. It's done so much for me in the art world and exposed me to so many awesome artists I knew nothing about! I also love it because it makes my photos look cool and can do things like this:

Ta-da! Pretty cool, eh? Well, I think it is.

Look at this one, too:

The second one is still in progress (almost done!), but these are the progress shots I have so far. The first one is complete and remains a part of my personal collection. I have thought about possibly keeping the second one as well, but we shall see how she turns out and how much interest she peaks. So far I dig her.

Off to paint I go! Until next time, my darlings ♥

~Amy K.


  1. i will be following you not only on IG but on here as well... super talented!!! LOVE LOVE your work ;)

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