Forgive Me Father

Hello all. 

I wanted to add a little update showing the progress photos of Forgive Me Father from Modern Eden Gallery's show back in February entitled Venice.

I loved working on this piece and I don't believe I have ever been so happy with the outcome of a painting. I hope that I will be able to top that in the near future.

Here are the phases:


Transfer to Canvas

Halfway Through Painting


This one surprisingly did not change much from beginning to finish. That is odd for me.

Well, I have a gazillion new paintings in the works for future shows, so, I will be a busy, busy girl these next couple of months!

Updates to come!

Oh, and I painted my first fella:

(Aren't we cute together?)

I plan to do many more since he has been such a joy.

Later Fools!


Amy K.


It's Raining Shows!

Which I am perfectly fine with, of course :)

Beginning this Friday, February 8th, is this AWESOME all girl (artists) show! If you happen to live in, nearby, or will be travelling through the city between the 8th and the 5th, go check us girlies out! So much yummy art.
 Previews of the pieces I entered into the show (I will post full images after the show opens):

THEN! I have a piece going in the show titled Venice at Modern Eden Gallery beginning February 16th and runs through March 9th. Same as above - If you find yourself in San Francisco around this time you should go by as there are going to be a TON of amazing artists in this one.
 A small preview of the piece I am submitting (without her makeup - I will post full image when the show begins):

Until next time, my dears! 

Amy K.