Forgive Me Father

Hello all. 

I wanted to add a little update showing the progress photos of Forgive Me Father from Modern Eden Gallery's show back in February entitled Venice.

I loved working on this piece and I don't believe I have ever been so happy with the outcome of a painting. I hope that I will be able to top that in the near future.

Here are the phases:


Transfer to Canvas

Halfway Through Painting


This one surprisingly did not change much from beginning to finish. That is odd for me.

Well, I have a gazillion new paintings in the works for future shows, so, I will be a busy, busy girl these next couple of months!

Updates to come!

Oh, and I painted my first fella:

(Aren't we cute together?)

I plan to do many more since he has been such a joy.

Later Fools!


Amy K.


It's Raining Shows!

Which I am perfectly fine with, of course :)

Beginning this Friday, February 8th, is this AWESOME all girl (artists) show! If you happen to live in, nearby, or will be travelling through the city between the 8th and the 5th, go check us girlies out! So much yummy art.
 Previews of the pieces I entered into the show (I will post full images after the show opens):

THEN! I have a piece going in the show titled Venice at Modern Eden Gallery beginning February 16th and runs through March 9th. Same as above - If you find yourself in San Francisco around this time you should go by as there are going to be a TON of amazing artists in this one.
 A small preview of the piece I am submitting (without her makeup - I will post full image when the show begins):

Until next time, my dears! 

Amy K.


Long Time, No Blog

My goodness, it has been a minute, eh?

Well, seeing as I have not updated in a super duper amount of time (no excuses...) and a TON has happened since my last post, I will just be wishing you a plain ol' Happy Holiday! 

Nooooo, I kid. 

I have finished many paintings, so, I believe that is where we shall begin:

Be Gentle
16" x 18" Oil on Panel

Hidden Mastery
12" x 16" Oil on Panel

"My Echo"
18" x 20" Oil on Panel

8" x 10" Oil on Canvas

16" x 18" Oil and Acrylic on Panel
Amy Minchew & Christina Lank
Allied Forces Group Show at Modern Eden Gallery

^^That one right there 
was my first collaboration with the lovely Ms. Christina Lank. Quite an experience :)
I have many shows coming up in the new year as well as many commissions! Things are busy busy busy!

I have also been busy with some drawings :D (my favorites) 
Some are old, but I finally got some good scans of them.

Forever Forsaken: 


Little Phoebe:

Well, I think that is plenty for now. Anyone want to sign up for the position as my slave driver? Please? PLEASE?!?!

Amy <3 p="p">


Sore Fingers

Here are a few in-progress shots of paintings I am working on at the moment:

I'm just working away! Hopefully I will have some new finished paintings to show you here soon :)
~ Amy K.


Seeing 5's Everywhere

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I finally finished my Helmet Girl!

"Little Phoebe"
14" x 14" Oil on Birch

Please contact me at: amykatherineminchew@gmail.com if you are interested in purchasing her or any of my other paints that are for sale.

Amy K.


Instagram, I Love You

I am a HUGE Instagram user. I mean, I adore that app. It's done so much for me in the art world and exposed me to so many awesome artists I knew nothing about! I also love it because it makes my photos look cool and can do things like this:

Ta-da! Pretty cool, eh? Well, I think it is.

Look at this one, too:

The second one is still in progress (almost done!), but these are the progress shots I have so far. The first one is complete and remains a part of my personal collection. I have thought about possibly keeping the second one as well, but we shall see how she turns out and how much interest she peaks. So far I dig her.

Off to paint I go! Until next time, my darlings ♥

~Amy K.


I'm Back. For Now.

Hello all!
I recently cleaned house with my blog here and it took me AGES to update it. For that, I apologize. So much has come up lately involving my artwork and I am super-duper excited about what is to come!!!
Here's a teeny update: 
I have recently been invited to join an artist group called Red Siren Artist Collective. It's an absolutely AMAZING group of artists and I am so lucky to have been asked to be a part of it.
You won't regret it!
I also just set up a fanpage on facebook for my artwork:
and I update my Instagram daily, you can find me under:
AmyKArt/Amy Minchew


Ok, that is all for now, but I will be updating with progress photos and such SOOOOON! Stay tuned, folks ;-)

~ Amy K.